Improve Safe and Productivity

In construction, there is vast amounts of data produced coming from sensors, machinery and workers. This data is useful to validate the civil engineering models and keep the site safe and the construction progressing. Traditionally this data has been collected manually by hand-written forms or with automatic cable-based SCADA systems, what is challenging in a rough and continuously changing environment, with hard and risky places to access. This is one of the reasons explaining that construction is one of the lowest sectors in productivity growth and digitalization over the years. (source: McKinsey, 2016) The new Internet of Things (IoT) technologies allow to have autonomous dataloggers that can collect low frequent data, without the need of cellular connection and batteries lasting for years. Moreover, new industrial-grade Edge Computers like the Sensemetrics´ Thread also allow plug and play connectivity, control and simple maintenance for the high powered, high frequency equipment. Both technologies, combined with the new Cloud computing platforms, allow that streams of data can be properly collected, managed, visualized and analyzed in real-time, anywhere, by different users in a secure environment, with no datafiles involved, database corruption or complex set-ups. Moreover, the new PWA arquitecture allows broad compatibility within clients’ systems, with no need of software or APP installation, data safely stored on cloud and continuous and seamless maintenance and updating. Tailored:systems offers the best solutions for connectivity on construction sites and customization of these platforms to the owner and sub-contractors needs.


  • Geotechnical and Structural Monitoring
  • Total Stations y GPS
  • Piezometers, Tiltmeters
  • Crackmeters, Extensometers
  • In-place inclinometers and SAA
  • Vibration Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Meteorogical data
  • Noise and sound control
  • Temperature (PT100) and Humidity
  • CO2 monitoring
  • Assests Management
  • Location
  • Status of machinery using RS232, RS485 or Modbus inputs.
  • Process and Management
  • Control I/O using LoRaWAN Class C, NB-IoT and Cellular
  • Digitalization of tasks and reports

Simplify your Data Acquisition with low power long range IoT devices

In a construction or industrial site, it is very common to have scattered and high distributed sensors with low frequency of data collection. Typically installed in difficult or un-accessible locations, these sensors have to send data only in a few moments a day, but during years, with no access to external power or cellular connectivity. The emerging IoT LPWAN protocols such as LoRaWAN , fit perfectly well to that needs, providing uneconomic small dataloggers, battery-powered and with Long-Range of transmission on proprietary or public networks.

The new innovative WiSUN protocol is an upgrade over the traditional LoRa, since it offers similar range and battery life, but the nodes can Mesh (instead of star topology). That makes the communication more robust, reliable and expand the range of applications to tunnels, galleries or dams. Tailored systems offers both protocols: LoRaWAN being official reseller of Milesight and WiSUN being distributor of Ackcio.

Sensemetrics unifies sensor management

The innovative Sensemetrics’ Thread is an edge-computer that can control, command and data-log from complex digital devices such as AMTS, SAA or meteorological stations. Pairing with VW interfaces like dataloggers or Multiplexers, is also able to concentrate and read the great variety of Vibrating Wire sensors. Virtually any sensor can be connected. Interface drivers are instantly distributed to sensemetrics edge devices located anywhere in the world, and facilitate standardized aggregation of sensor data to the cloud for storage and computation. Data computation and retrieval is available to any authorized user or system via the sensemetrics API.

Sensor to graph in seconds

Cloud technology streamlines the data collection process and places focus on data interpretation. All tools, services, and support related to sensor management, data streaming and storage of sensor data is accessible by a simple browser connected anywhere to the Internet.

Connecting a geotechnical sensor has never been so easy. tailored:systems offers two solutions for data management:

Sensemetrics Cloud is the most powerful platform for Geotechnical monitoring in the market. Add a device as complex as an SAA or AMTS on the sensemetrics platform and start to see relevant and actionable graphs right away. The backend will take care of fetching the calibration data from the manufacturer database directly, avoiding human errors and keeping a system of record of your team operations. IoTailor is a general IoT platform able to connect any stream of data, process it with customs rules and calculations and visualize the data with drag and drop flexible widgets. Indicated for affordable, complex data integrations.