Improved Construction Machinery and Assets Management

On construction sites it is difficult to control the location and use of small machinery.

Much of this is shared by several work teams, which makes it even more difficult to manage their usage of without falling into an excess of machinery on site.

This causes inefficiencies and overcosts:

  • Loss of working hours looking for machinery on site.
  • Increase in rental costs and machinery park, to avoid stopping production.
  • Inefficient management of machinery due to little or bad use.

tailored:systems offers an application of different innovative solutions to digitalize and automatize the management of machinery and assets on construction sites.

Our Solution

Control and management system for small machinery and vehicles, with indicators to optimize performance and reduce costs.

  • Information on location and use of small machinery and vehicles.
  • Rental machinery management system to help optimize its use and prevent excess rental needs.
  • Asset control system to assign machinery to work teams and help to organize the use of shared machinery.
  • Machinery assets management control

Solution Arquitecture


IoTailor is a cloud data management tool with plenty of capabilities. It can store temetry and metadata efficiently, make customs dashboards, alerts by SMS or email, reports.

We has developed connection and integration paths for the majority of industrial sensors out in the market, via API or FTP.

Digital matter for construction

Digital Matter has over 20 years of telematics experience, supplying and supporting reliable, scalable, and secure devices for Telematics Businesses, IoT Solution Providers, Enterprises, and Network Operators around the world.

Build a better asset tracking solution with the largest portfolio of certified and integration-ready LPWAN asset tracking devices and the widest range of connectivity and location technology.


SurveyTS is a form builder for IoT developed by tailored:systems. It is specifically designed for the needs of manual data collection on construction environments.

It enables digital manual collection of data from the cell phone such as text or numbers or more complex like barcodes, photos or files. Form are flexible to build based on drag and drop widgets.

The results can be send by email, FTP or API, being fully integrated with IoTailor platform.


  1. Rental cost reduction Adjusting the rented machinery to the real needs of each phase of work. And controlling the use and status of each machine at all times.

  2. Reduction of loss or theft of small machinery Know the location of each machine at any time and define alarms in case they go outside the limits of the work.

  3. Increase in production on site Improves job performance, controlling who has which machine at each moment and preventing workers from wasting time searching the machines they need.