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Silo Monitoring project with LoRaWAN

Silo monitoring with Lorawan

Silo Monitoring project with LoRaWAN

Setting up a new project for a client. Can you guess the use case?🤔
Some clues, materials used:👇👇

– LoRaWAN Indoor Gateway with Network Server
– LoRaWAN Analog datalogger for strain gauges (with solar panel incorporated!!)
– LoRaWAN Ultrasonic Distance sensor
– LoRaWAN Temperature and Humidity

Using Milesight IoT (Ursalink) makes connecting devices affordable and providing robust solutions for many applications.
LoRaWAN is a Low-Power, Long-Range public IoT protocol that allows to connect to 3 party networks or Gateways.

The use case is monitoring of salt silos. They will use strain gauges to mesure the weight of the silo and ultrasonic distance meter to measure how fill it is. With this two values they can detect if there are internal cavities formed that can affect the stability of the silo. The use of IoT is key to be able to connect without cables and with a battery life of years.