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Slide Effortlessly cloud-connect all of your sensors
within seconds with plug & play sensor
support and edge processing technologies.
Read more sensemetrics unifies sensor
management for
Geotechnical Monitoring

Plug and Play sensor connectivity

Unfortunately, gathering data from sensors faces the problem of lack of standarization, legacy systems and diverse datasets. Every manufacturer has its own standards for the files, registers or signals.
Sensemetrics innovative approach in sensor management have developed and integrated this complexity in the backend, so the user can only experience a streamline and simple configuration.
Being compatible with the majority of geotechnical and surveying manufacturers, sensemetrics can virtually connect any sensor.

Construction sensemetrics

Powerful Edge computer for datalogging and control

The Thread is an edge computer able to act as a datalogger for digital and 4.20mA sensors, but also as a control and remote unit for more complex systems. It is able to send commands to devices such as Automatic Topographic Stations just from the Cloud.
It is a perfect link from the complexity of sensors to the powerful Cloud computations.

  • Cellular, wireless mesh, ethernet and satellite data uplink. (SIM card included)
  • Zero cellular configuration required out of the box
  • In-device transient surge suppression
  • Future-proofing with dynamic OTA firmware updates
  • Local data storage when uplink is unavailable
  • Powers and controls sensors with a single cable
  • Rugged weather-resistant enclosure
  • Interchangeable connection to solar panel or AC/DC transformer
  • Large capacity LiFePO4 battery pack

Cloud platform for visualization

Cloud technology streamline the data collection process and places focus on data interpretation. All tools, services, and support related to sensor management, data streaming and storage of sensor data on the sensemetrics platform are accessible by a simple browser connected anywhere to the Internet.


  • Plug & Play sensor connectivity
  • Network Management Tools
  • Graph, Maps, Alarms, Automatic Reports
  • Eternal Cloud data archive
  • Geo.Redundant Cloud services
  • Automated Manufacturer sensor calibration
  • Load of calibration factors by serial number
  • Calculation Engine
  • User Secure Authentication OAuth2.0
  • Multiple users working remotely collaboratively
  • Advanced Security Protocols
  • Event-driven API and export data to Excel

Interested in Digitalizing
your Monitoring Business?

Tailored is official reseller of Sensemetrics providing first level of Technical Support, delivery and stock.

On the top of that, we provide integration of these and other 3rd party systems and customization of the platform to fulfill the client needs.

We are experts in digitalization of processes, either from manual or automatic data gathering and we are able to design full platforms that streamline monitoring processes for increasing safety and productivity.