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We offer business development outsourcing in Europe to boost your sales with minimal risk.


Innovative Partnership

If you are looking for a partner that can provide your products within Europe, we will love to work with you. We can just be a pure reseller that provide your products by success project.

But we know that working with traditional distributors can be frustrating, they want exclusivity, they do not share information, and you end being just another item in their portfolio with low or none sales.

We have been there. We propose an innovative approach where we activily do Business Development and Sales for your products. You choose the level of partnership, but we can be your new office in Europe, with people dedicated to promote, market and sell your solutions, even with your own brand and email. We can also provide Technical Support and complete fulfillment and stock management.


  • Resell of products

  • Integration

  • Outbound marketing

  • CRM Updates

  • Inbound marketing

  • Tradeshows participation

  • Meeting updates

  • Tier One Support

  • Tier Two Support

  • Fulfillment and Stock

  • Sales targets guarantee

  • Your email (BD outsourcing)



  • bi-weekly


  • weekly


What level of partnership makes sense for my company?

If you are a company with a established brand an product in Europe already, with regular sales and a bunch of resellers, then we recommend the Reactive approach. You will not expend anything and you will expand your distributors base with one more in Spain.

If that is not the case, and your product is new or it has not a track record in Europe, we encourage you to work in the Active approach. You need someone who actively promotes your products, talks with potential clients, and gives you visibility and feedback from the market. A typical passive distributor (especially without exclusivity) may not work since it needs to invest in your product with no clear payback.

The Ultimate approach is recommended after the Active approach has been successful, and when you need to accelerate sales. You may require a reliable partner before establishing your own office or your distributor network.

Will you work for competitive solutions or companies?

We usually select the best providers to work with and, as a reseller, it does not makes sense to push a portfolio of competitors.

Nevertheless, technology may be used to solve the same problem in different ways. So it may be some overlap between the different manufacturer’s solutions. Every company has its own approach to the problems and it is our job to select what is the best fit for every client.

For instance, for reading temperature automatically, we can offer different options within our portfolio, but requirements such as price, connectivity, additional sensors or customer-specific needs, will drive the decision to use one brand versus another.

What is the minimum term?

There is no minimum term in any of the approaches. You can change it according to your needs.

Nevertheless, from our experience, the Active approach requires at least three months to bear results, and the Ultimate approach makes sense for commitments of at least one year (for the required investment in training, processes, etc).

We do NOT ask for exclusivity

But once you try us, you won't want anybody else to partner with.