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g Connect your IoT Hardware
and get Insights
The most powerful self-service Enterprise IoT
platform for connecting your devices
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Gather telemetry and store from protocols such as HTTP, MQTT, CoAP, OPC-UA, Actility, AWS IoT, TCP, UDP, SigFox, and more...

Process incoming device data with a powerful IoT Rule Engine depending on attributes or payload content. Forward to external systems or alarms

Build beautiful customized dashboards with 40+ configurable widgets (charts, maps, gauges...) or create your own ones with a built-in editor.

Turn data into insights and make better decisions with advanced pattern visualization and forecasting with timeseries prediction

Create and manage alarms for real-time monitoring of your assets, devices, events or calculated variables. Create automatic PDF reports, or expor in XLS.

Complete secure environment for user management, permisions and groups. Build hierarchy of entities using relations.

Compatible with the mayority of devices and server protocols

The true reality of the Internet of Things is that connectivity is usually not as easy or as fast than thought, since it involves a great variety of protocols, legacy systems and various standards. It is often that even similar sensors have different payloads depending on the vendor or the version.
IoTailor has developed connection and integration paths for the majority of industrial sensors out in the market, either directly to the platform or through connectors.
Even if your device does not have native connectivity (Modbus, ODBC, OPC, BLE or CAN), we can provide an IoT Gateway firmware that will make your equipment ready to be connected to the Internet.

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Build your IoT project

Smart Building

Take control of your office building. Easily integrate sensors for measuring temperature, humidity, presence, activity, illumination or indoor air quality from different manufacturers and visualize them in fully customizable dashboards.

Expand the knowledge about how your building is used, including metering and smart devices into the IoTailor platform.

React to the information with alarms and rules, and forecast your data top predict the behavior of your system.

Create automatic reports and give access to public dashboards to share with users or external clients.


Looking for an End-to-end solution?

At tailored:systems we provide end-to-end implementation services for digitalization of processes, from integration of IoT connectivity devices to custom software development using AI + ML.

If you need a turnkey solution or just help with your project, contact us.