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Slide Visualize your IoT data and
manage your operations and tasks
in Augmented Reality (AR).
Discover how The Digital World
comes back to Reality

GlarVision brings your data to AR

Visualization of data requires an abstraction where you create a mental digital twin from reality. There is no more need to work on plain paper, spreadsheets or blueprints. Augmented reality can bring this information to your eyes.

Optimize the daily performance of your employees. Provide information and support the accomplishment of tasks. GlarVision provides the mobility tools to accelerate responsiveness on the ground, providing real-time data. Transform your employees, and raise productivity and safety standards.

GlarAssist for enhanced field support

Now you can do videoconferences using the camera as an Augmented Reality device for visualizing marks and annotations, done in real-time by the other remote attendants.

Transform the capacity of your employees, and ensure response times with remote help from specialized technicians. Ensure audio, video, annotated, and document exchange sessions, ensuring that field operators perform complex tasks with expert support, increase responsiveness and decrease training needs.


  • Works in Mobile, Tablet, Desktop or Hololens
  • Low Bandwith mode for weak signal strenght
  • Access to IoT data
  • Video and annotations sessions
  • Multiple users in the same call
  • Chat, files and screen sharing
  • Control de Flashlight remotely
  • Voice to text conversion

Renault uses AR for O&M Operations

Glartek's product reduced our maintenance tasks length by 80%, which increased our plant's overall efficiency. Additionally, workers without any experience with the equipment still managed to execute processes, which made us gain more flexibility and agility.

Constantino Pinto Renault Technical / Maintenance Director

Interested in AR for your Business?

Tailored is official reseller of Glartek providing Installation and Technical Support.

On the top of that, we provide integration of these and other 3rd party systems and customization of the platform to fulfill the client needs.

We are experts in digitalization of processes, either from manual or automatic data gathering and we are able to design full platforms that streamline monitoring processes for increasing safety and productivity.