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Be Compliant and Simplify Reporting

Complying with Environmental regulations is a data business. There are a high amount of parameters that have to be monitored and controlled, for triggering alarms and correct the process or for timely and exhaustive reporting to Government bodies.
Traditionally this data has been collected manually by hand-written forms or spreadsheets, or by automatic cable-based or cellular SCADA systems. However, in many occasions, the monitoring points are widespread in areas around the industrial facilities or in confined spaces where it is not trivial to have access to power or communications.
Moreover, the frequency of reporting can be also challenging for the number of testing, variables and regulations involved. The process can be tedious and time-consuming.
The new Internet of Things (IoT) technologies allow to have autonomous dataloggers that can collect low frequent data, without the need of cellular connection and batteries lasting for years. Moreover, new industrial-grade Edge Computers like the Sensemetrics´ Thread also allow plug and play connectivity, control and simple maintenance for the high powered, high frequency equipment.
Both technologies, combined with the new Cloud computing platforms, allow that streams of data can be properly collected, managed, visualized and analyzed in real-time, anywhere, by different users in a secure environment, with no datafiles involved, database corruption or complex set-ups.


Moreover, the new PWA arquitecture allows broad compatibility within clients’ systems, with no need of software or APP installation, data safely stored on cloud and continuous and seamless maintenance and updating. This architecture open powerful features such as asynchronous data gathering from sensors or people, real-time monitoring, event-driven alarms, trend predictions or automatic PDF reporting with a single click.
As easier is the data collection, the safer and robust is the process, since having access to more data and monitoring points, allow to a better understanding of the environment and react quickly to unexpected situations.
Tailored offers the best solutions for environmental and industrial processes and full digitalization consultancy and platforms to adapt to your specific needs.

Environmental Monitoring

  • Meteorological data
  • Noise and sound control
  • Ultrasonic Water Level
  • Vibration Monitoring
  • Soil temperature and moisture, piezometric level

Air Quality Monitoring

  • Temperature and Humidity
  • Indoor Air Quality (TVOC, CO2)
  • CO2 monitoring

Wastewater Monitoring

  • PH / ORP / Conductivity / Turbidity / Temperature
  • Water level

Digital Industrial Process Management

  • Digitalization of tasks and reports
  • Temperature (PT100) and Pressure
  • Control I/O using LoRaWAN Class C, NB-IoT and Cellular
  • Status of machinery using RS232, RS485 or Modbus inputs.
  • Assets Tracking
  • Cameras
Construction sensemetrics

Sensemetrics unifies sensor management

The innovative Sensemetrics’ Thread is an edge-computer that can control, command and data-log from complex digital devices such as meteorological stations. Pairing with VW interfaces like dataloggers or Multiplexers, is also able to concentrate and read the great variety of Vibrating Wire or Analog sensors.
Virtually any sensor can be connected. Interface drivers are instantly distributed to sensemetrics edge devices located anywhere in the world, and facilitate standardized aggregation of sensor data to the cloud for storage and computation.
Data computation and retrieval is available to any authorized user or system via the sensemetrics API.


  • Cellular, wireless mesh, ethernet and satellite data uplink. (SIM card included)
  • Zero cellular configuration required out of the box
  • In-device transient surge suppression
  • Future-proofing with dynamic OTA firmware updates
  • Local data storage when uplink is unavailable
  • Powers and controls sensors with a single cable
  • Rugged weather-resistant enclosure
  • Interchangeable connection to solar panel or AC/DC transformer
  • Large capacity LiFePO4 battery pack

Sensor to graph in seconds

Cloud technology streamlines the data collection process and places focus on data interpretation. All tools, services, and support related to sensor management, data streaming and storage of sensor data on the sensemetrics platform is accessible by a simple browser connected anywhere to the Internet.
Connecting a geotechnical sensor has never been so easy. Add a device as complex as a Meteorogical station or a Multisensor probe on the sensemetrics platform and start to see relevant and actionable graphs right away.
The backend will take care of fetching the calibration data from the manufacturer database directly, avoiding human errors and keeping a system of record of your team operations.


  • Plug & Play sensor connectivity
  • Network Management Tools
  • Graph, Maps, Alarms, Automatic Reports
  • Eternal Cloud data archive
  • Geo.Redundant Cloud services
  • Automated Manufacturer sensor calibration
  • Load of calibration factors by serial number
  • Calculation Engine
  • User Secure Authentication OAuth2.0
  • Multiple users working remotely collaboratively
  • Advanced Security Protocols
  • Event-driven API and export data to Excel

Simplify your Data Acquisition with low power long range IoT devices

In environmental monitoring, it is very common to have scattered and high distributed sensors with low frequency of data collection. Typically installed in difficult or un-accessible locations, these sensors have to send data only in a few moments a day, but during years, with no access to external power or cellular connectivity.
The emerging IoT LPWAN protocols such as LoRaWAN, Sigfox or WiSUN, fit perfectly well to that needs, providing uneconomic small dataloggers, battery-powered and with Long-Range of transmission on proprietary or public networks.
There are just a handful brands that provide LPWAN devices for the monitoring environment such as Senceive, Ackcio, Wisen, Loadsensing or Ursalink. Everyone has their own approach and capabilities that fit better for the particular application and budget needs.

Tailored systems is official reseller of Ursalink, one of the most affordable and leading companies for environmental monitoring.

Features of Ursalink LoRaWAN

  • Long range coverage, through walls, manholes, up to 10 km open space
  • Long battery life, typically
  • Private ownership of the network
  • Lora Class C available (for rapid real time gathering and control)
  • RS485 and RS232 for Digital sensors
  • Modbus to LoRaWAN converter
  • RS485, RS232 and Modbus available on the Gateway for industrial control
  • 3G/4G, Ethernet backhaul from Gateways
  • Outdoor Rugged weather resistant Gateways
  • Possibility of power the Nodes with Solar Panel
  • OLarge capacity replaceable Li-SOCl2 battery pack

What tailored:systems provides?

Tailored is official reseller of Sensemetrics and Ursalink, providing first level of Technical Support, delivery and stock.

On the top of that, we provide integration of these and other 3rd party systems and customization of the platform to fulfill the client needs.

We are experts in digitalization of processes, either from manual or automatic data gathering and we are able to design full platforms that streamline construction processes for increasing productivity.

With our IoTailor platform we can easily integrate great variety of systems and devices from different protocols such as HTTPS, MQTT, OPC, Modbus… and deploy dashboards and analytics in a matter of hours.


  • Full Digitalization of processes.
  • Upgrading from Excel based process to Cloud Platforms.
  • Customization of dashboards and additional calculations, using Sensemetrics API.
  • Prediction Analytics, AI, ML.
  • Integration with 3rd party systems not compatible with Sensemetrics.
  • Integration of new sensors into Sensemetrics (SDE development).
  • Proprietary Network server for Ursalink.
  • Technical assistance on configuration of sensors and platforms.

Does tailored provide environmental consultancy?

No, we don’t. We do not consult about the process or the application. Our focus is providing the most robust, economic and advanced solution for connectivity and data management. Where, what and how to analysis that data is up to our clients.

Does tailored provide environmental sensors?

No as a general answer, If you are interested in sensors we can refer you the top brands we work with. But if for a particular project is mandatory to provide some sensors, we are open to discuss it.

Is tailored a manufacturer of hardware or software?

We do not manufacture Hardware but resell the best solution for connectivity.
About Software, we provide the best that fits the client’s needs.
On top of that, we can develop customized solutions using API data streams, 3rd party streams and design full digitalization processes